Patient Activation Measure (PAM) for COPD in Sutton

 COPD is a long term illness that affects many patients in Sutton.

 We believe that when patients are involved in their care, understand their conditions and how to manage it, their outcomes are greatly improvement.

 GP Practices in Sutton will be trying to get patients to engage better to learn more about their condition and manage it better. Our aim is to give patients a greater understanding, control and better capacity to self-manage their condition.

 Patient Activation is to provide patients with the opportunity to engage with their surgeries and hopefully to build greater knowledge and confidence in dealing with their COPD.

 We will be asking patients to:

 1. Complete a PAM assessment (13 question survey) to capture your feeling of how well you manage your condition.

2. We will identify what category of activation the PAM survey places the patient

3. We will work with the patient to provide tailored coaching and support to help them understand and manage their condition better

4. We will ask the patients to take a second PAM assessment toward the end of the period to see if any improvements have been made and if the patient is better able to manage their condition.

 We will also be holding community events to help build greater knowledge of COPD and also allow patients to find social groups for support.

 If you are a COPD patient, we would invite you to take part by downloading and completing the PAM questionnaire below or calling the surgery to make an appointment with our specialist nurses or pharmacists.

 To take part in Patient Activation, please download, complete and return this form to your surgery.

Download Patient Activation Survey